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Thursday's Dump & Chase: Thaw, At Last

Now that talks between the NHL's owners and players are becoming increasingly productive, it finally looks like we may have a shortened season. This morning's notes include details of how the major issues are being resolved, and how one owner threatened to derail the process once again (just guess who it was)...

Just look at that tie. Is Bill Daly angling for the UT job?
Just look at that tie. Is Bill Daly angling for the UT job?
Bruce Bennett

Nashville Predators News

Stars end Admirals three-game win streak in OT | Admirals Roundtable
Austin Watson scored the lone goal for Milwaukee.

Portland’s Brendan Leipsic silences his critics, with the help of Teemu Selanne - Buzzing The Net
The Preds' 3rd-round draft pick is on fire, with four goals in his last game, but this connection to Teemu Selanne is pretty cool.

Also, Pete Weber joined 102.5 The Game's 1st Quarter this morning to talk about the CBA negotiations:

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Both sides look committed to making deal - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Ah, finally we see a bit of movement on some of the major issues.

Into the Wee Hours - The Spin
Oh, that Jeremy Jacobs. Can't the other owners just inadvertently lock him in a bathroom or something?

NHL lockout: "Bettman wants this (deal) done by Friday," NHL insider Nick Kypreos says | Edmonton Journal
Well, there you go.

Down Goes Brown: 20 years ago today...
In case you wondered what the name "Down Goes Brown" means, check out the video!

Sports Broadcast Antitrust Suits Can Proceed, Judge Rules - Bloomberg
A lawsuit challenging the regional blackout restrictions that the NHL and MLB enforce is moving forward. This could be interesting to watch...

The Quiet Room: Joffrey Lupul | Backhand Shelf
Everything you wanted to know about herniated discs but were afraid to ask.