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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Owners Have Nothing to Fear But Fehr Himself

As frustration grows over the lack of progress in the NHL CBA talks, the league's strategy over the last week has appeared to focus on an interim goal: stoking discontent within the players' union and marginalizing their Executive Director, Don Fehr. Fehr has been through these battles many times before, however, and unlike Gary Bettman, has successfully negotiated CBA's without resorting to a work stoppage.

Bruce Bennett

The NHL may be sidelined, but I'm not. Check out my new project, the Nashville Sports Hub!

Nashville Predators News

Third period wreaks havoc on Ads again | Admirals Roundtable
That's two late leads coughed up in a row...

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Fehr reaffirms NHLPA solidarity at CAW Council -
Yesterday, the Canadian Auto Workers were treated to an address by Don Fehr, and you can watch it here.

Larry Brooks: Gary Bettman, NHL walked away from CBA negotiations to breed union discontent with Donald Fehr -
The NHL has been pretty brazen in their attempts to discredit Don Fehr and divide the NHLPA... but will it succeed?

A Long CBA |
Tyler considers some good reasons why the NHLPA should desire a shorter CBA rather than a long one. Fans tends to say "the longer the better" so that we don't have to worry about lockouts, but the prospect of a long period of labor peace may embolden the owners to use these lockouts to begin with.

TV Networks Scramble to Fill N.H.L. Void -
In many markets, those regional sports channels are hurting without hockey.

The NHL's U.S. struggles as seen through Bill Simmons - Awful Announcing
In case you missed it, there was some entertaining back-and-forth between Bill Simmons & Bob McKenzie on Twitter a couple days ago regarding US coverage of the Lockout.