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Patric Hornqvist: The OTF Hero Of The Week (Feb. 5-11)

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In a week without a win, the bright spot for the Nashville Predators is that the offense chipped in twice to overcome deficits, force overtime, and at least earn the team points in the standings. Nobody did more on that front than the guy with the cleanest face in Smashville, Patric Hornqvist.

Patric Hornqvist

#27 / Right Wing / Nashville Predators



Jan 01, 1987

Patric Hornqvist 3 2 2 4 +1 0 1 0 0 10 20.0

In addition to leading the team in scoring, his discipline while taking abuse led directly to the power play on which Shea Weber scored yesterday, too.

After last week's work, Hornqvist now has five goals in his last nine games, a welcome bit of news for a guy who's enjoyed some hot and cold stretches this season. After a 7-goals-in-6-games outburst in late October/early November, Horn Dog scored just one in his next 19. We'll take the hot Hornqvist, please.

Perhaps my favorite goal this week was his marker yesterday at Boston. Why? Because while Sergei Kostitsyn led the rush down the left wing (and did a fine job staying with the play and fighting through the defense to make that centering pass), Hornqvist got to the top of the crease, and stayed there. Too often, you'll see guys get caught up in the moment and go whirring by the net in a flash, and unless that pass is perfectly placed and perfectly timed, the scoring chance is missed. Instead, Hornqvist got himself in good position to bury that sucker even if things weren't set up so nicely.

Here's to hoping that Hornqvist can keep those goals a-coming as the Predators meet the #4 & #5 scoring teams in the NHL this week.