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Flyers 4, Predators 1: Simmonds runs wild

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Wayne Simmonds scored twice (on 10 shots!) as the Nashville Predators' five-game winning streak came to a close tonight in a 4-1 loss at Philadelphia. Anders Lindback saw his record sink to 2-6 as he got the start in place of Pekka Rinne, but his play wasn't the problem for the Preds. Instead, a rough-and-tumble second period seemed to turn the tide...

Listen in for the radio highlights from 102.5 The Game:

Predators Flyers highlights 2012-02-02

Video highlights and post-game reaction from this one follow after the jump:

Cue the video (might take 30-45 minutes post-game to work):

Your random observations:

  • The Predators certainly got off to a better start than they did against Minnesota, generating good pressure at times and out-shooting the Flyers 12-6 in the first period.
  • That play didn't carry over to the second, however, as the tables were turned 11-4 in favor of Philadelphia, including more than six minutes of power play time that went without a shot on goal. Things got chippy between both teams, and that seemed to just play into the Flyers' hands.
  • It was interesting to see Ryan Suter get the Preds on the board midway through the 3rd period as he jumped into a rush. It seemed like he was extra-assertive tonight in the offensive zone... trying to impress the Flyers front office, perhaps?
  • Anders Lindback played well in what seemed an odd choice for a start. With a very typical Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule this week and next, and having just come off the All-Star break, you wouldn't think that Pekka Rinne would need a night's rest.
  • By my count, this was Lindback's 6th start of the season, and since his first (11/8 vs. Los Angeles), the Preds haven't scored more than 2 goals in front of him. Those are tough odds to overcome.
  • Sergei Kostitsyn took 3 shots on goal, I assume he'll need a few days off to recover. :)
  • Outside of getting his pocket picked at the point by Matt Read for Philly's 2nd goal (which I missed live due to the FS-TN hiccup), I thought Kevin Klein played pretty well tonight. There were a couple occasions where he had to battle guys all the way down the ice, and did so without drawing penalties or giving up a scoring chance.
  • All in all? There's no shame in losing to a team like Philadelphia, especially after a 5-game winning streak. Chalk it up to another tough night in the NHL and focus on the big matchup coming with St. Louis on Saturday.
  • Special thanks go to those who popped over to join an impromptu Game Thread over on the OTF Facebook Page, SB Nation was having technical issues tonight so it was great to see folks gather together anyway!

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