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Don't miss out on Nashville Predators games this week, thanks to special offers from TiqIQ

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Just when interest in the Nashville Predators is peaking, some fans could get left out of seeing them in action.

One of the best stories about this season for the Preds has been the boom in attendance, and as the sellouts continue to pile up, the resale market has become increasingly important for fans wanting to catch some of the hottest games remaining.

That's where our partners at TiqIQ come in - they bring together tickets from outlets like eBay, StubHub, and many others, to give you one consolidated view of which tickets are available for each game, allowing you to pick the exact section and row you want, and find the best prices possible.

Just check out the following deals available this week:

Tonight vs Vancouver Canucks: Avg ticket price $41 as of 10:30am Tues, get in for only $12.

Thursday, 2/23 vs St. Louis Blues: Avg ticket price $54. Offer $18 for a '1 star' ticket that would usually retail for over $53. Deal expires Wednesday!

Saturday, 2/25 vs San Jose Sharks: Avg ticket price is $110. Make an offer of $55 for a '4 star' ticket that retails for nearly $130 after all fees. Deal expires on Friday:


Even better, if those "buy now" prices aren't even good enough for you, there's even an opportunity to "Make An Offer", and it's possible you could get those tickets for even less:

So head on over to our Tickets page (you can always find that link on the right side of the navigation bar at the top of the page) and take a look around!