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Predators 3, Canucks 1: That One Flu that Makes You Really Good at Hockey

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The last face Alexandre Burrows ever saw.
The last face Alexandre Burrows ever saw.

I Will Try: An Intermission Interview Poem

by Sergei Kostitsyn

Sometimes when I see the guy, he's in better position than me.

So sometimes maybe, I shoot--take a shot--but I'm trying to make a pass.

But yea, I think I should take more shots, like coach is telling me.

So I will try.

In a battle between the league's best power play and the second best power play, man-up situations unsurprisingly carried the day. The Predators decisively won the special teams battle, while playing blooper-reel hockey at even strength.

After a scoreless, though uncharacteristically busy, first period, Mike Fisher tallied on the Preds' second power play. While Ryan Suter deked the entire Vancouver PK unit, Fisher watched weak side and eventually tapped Suter's shot home. The vaunted Canucks power play would get the next two chances, giving Hal Gill a much anticipated PK debut. And Gill was as advertised. On the Nucks second PP, Gill used his long reach to push a puck up to Fisher, who would spring a two-on-one, leading to a Sergei Kostitsyn shorty.

The only Canucks goal was scored by Dale Weise when Roman Josi and David Legwand managed to step on the same banana peel. That was the only time I suspected someone on the team having the actual flu, and not the Mike Fisher flu that nets you three points.

After both teams exchanged incredible, but unsuccessful, bids to get the pivotal next goal in the third, it was David Legwand, sneaking off the bench, who scored on a confused Luongo. I kidded before the game on Twitter that Chris Mueller was only called up to catch the super-center flu, but now I'm not sure it was a joke.

Notes, highlights, & errata after the jump


  • Three icings in the first five minutes was a nice invitation for the Canucks to take the lead. Vigneault manages his even-strength lines like it's special teams--playing the Sedins on the offensive draws and Malholtra on the defensive draws. It's the last team you want to give three easy offensive zone starts to open a game.
  • Martin Erat always does well against the Canucks, it seems. I wondered if Marty is presently the Preds' best forward, and put the question to Twitter. Excluding the respondents with "Underwood" in their handle, it was a pretty even split between Fisher and Erat. Most surprisingly though, the only other forward voted for was Radulov.
  • "Hal Gill was just using Kesler as a snow plow there...just up the ice...plowing up the snow..." --Terry Crisp
  • Wow that penalty on Wilson was one of the worst. Rome just grabbed his stick and held onto it until the whistle.
  • Weber's breakaway...shades of Orr...shades of Cody Franson on Dan close...
  • Sergei should do regular sit-down interviews with Crispy.