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Friday's notes: Should David Poile make a play for Dustin Brown?

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The NHL trade market is really coming to life with last night's trade of Jeff Carter to Los Angeles, and then this bombshell dropped by Darren Dreger of TSN:

I wrote about Brown just the other day in a purely speculative fashion, because we hadn't heard about the Kings dangling their captain on the trade market previously, but he would make a great fit for the Preds. What would you be willing to part with in exchange for a 27-year-old winger who scores, plays physically, draws penalties better than anyone in the NHL, and is signed for two more seasons at a very reasonable $3.5 million?

Let's start the bidding, then (admittedly I have no clue what L.A. would be looking for). I'd be willing to part with Blum & Halischuk, for starters.

Chime in with your thoughts in the comments, after reading this morning's hockey notes...

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Nashville Predators News

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I find this quote a little less than inspiring - "...the players are playing hard every night and I wouldn't know who to pick to make the playoffs or win the Stanley Cup. I think it's wide open, and I tell my players every chance I get, 'Let's get in the playoffs, and once you get in there you get a chance at the big prize. You just never know, this could be your year.'"

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