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Saturday's notes: Where do nice guys finish?

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Two of the nicest guys in the NHL.
Two of the nicest guys in the NHL.

Our daily hockey notes start off with a question - if "nice guys finish last" in baseball, as Leo Durocher famously said, then where do they finish in hockey?

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Nashville Predators News

NHL Players Poll: League's Nicest Player - Photos -
The Predators place three on this list of the 15 Nicest Players in the league. I'd like to see the opposite side of this, too.

Puck Daddy’s Create a Cheesy 1990s-style NHL Poster contest: Gallery 2 | Puck Daddy
The Honey Badger makes an appearance...

Coming Into the Home Stretch – Thoughts on the Final 21 Games | The Predatorial
NOW we're at the quarterpole of the season (you're welcome, Jim Diamond).

Florida is definetely buyin’ what Nashville is sellin’ | hockeygalmilwaukee
Stephanie details the long list of ex-Preds who have landed with the Panthers.

Nashville Predators see Colin Wilson's production spike - The Tennessean
The Force is strong in this one.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Down Goes Brown: A fan's guide to NHL trade deadline day
Do: Try to sound convincing when calling in sick to work, while making sure to act as if your absence has nothing to do with hockey. Do not: Blow it by insisting on describing your illness only as an "upper body injury".

New Jersey Devils Acquire Marek Zidlicky From the Wild - In Lou We Trust
The Minnesota Wild actually got back a nice basket of minor assets for Zids.

Two more years of pestilence |
Savvy Oilers bloggers have been roasting the team for their apparent path towards trading Ales Hemsky, so now they're giddy over him re-signing for 2 years and $10 million.

Rolston Waived - Lighthouse Hockey
Who wants a $5 million forward with 9 points on the season?

Pavel Bure, Russia win Summit Series rematch with Canada | The Hockey Writers
Which was louder, the pucks off the boards or the creaking of knees and ankles?

Chris Simon punches through linesman, elbows referee in KHL fight (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy
Another entry in the KHL's Hall of Shame.

Bottoms Up: Hurricanes and Oilers take opposite approach from Blue Jackets | Backhand Shelf
Expect lots of comparisons next season to how these three basement-dwellers have approached the long term.

Stars thrilled to have Sheldon Souray back in the lineup - The Dallas Morning News
Studley Wonderbomb is back.

Hunwick, Downie and Landeskog each had a goal, Jones had two. Avs beat the Blue Jackets 5 - 0! - Mile High Hockey
Colorado kept close to the playoff pack by stomping the BJ's.

Islanders 4, Rangers 3 (Skills Comp): The Good Guys Bend But Don't Break - Lighthouse Hockey
I caught a bit of this game at BW3 last night, P.A. Parenteau scored off a wicked slapshot.

Bruins vs. Sabres Recap: Sabres On The Move Edition - Die By The Blade
The fools! Doesn't Buffalo know they need to tank and start selling assets?

Recap: Caps 4, Canadiens 1 - Japers' Rink
For one night, at least, the Capitals put it together.