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Wednesday's notes: Observations from the glass

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As I mentioned in last night's Game Thread, thanks to those of you who have bought Nashville Predators tickets using the OTF Discount, I recently hit a milestone within the team's Ambassadors Club, and as a reward, they gave me two seats on the glass (known as the Lexus Inner Circle Front Row) to last night's game. Unfortunately, the seats didn't come with a Lexus.

Sure, there are some times when you can't see the action so well (I did miss Luongo's amazing save on Colin Wilson in the 2nd period), but if you ever have the chance to sit down close to the ice, I highly recommend giving it a shot (one way to try and get them cheap is with our partner, TiqIQ). You get a whole new appreciation for just how vicious these bastards can be to each other, late in a tied game where every possession counts (the amount of stickwork was just brutal). There were a few things I noticed:

  • Kevin Bieksa has the nastiest facial hair I've ever seen.
  • All of these guys are incredibly powerful skaters, but one who always impresses me in that regard is Kevin Klein.
  • I love the way Alexander Edler comes to the bench at the end of a shift. He just leans back, raises his front leg and steps over the boards like they're nothing. As a vertically-challenged rec-league player, I'd be better off with a doggy door installed in there.
  • The margin of error is so small, given how fast the NHL has become. I worry that perhaps Jerred Smithson is falling behind there, as even though he won key faceoffs, when forced to pursue the play he was too often left to whack a guy on the hands rather than skate alongside and check his opponent off the puck.
  • Hopefully this season can put to bed the tired notion some hold around the league that the Preds are a boring "trap" style of team. They get two guys working the forecheck aggressively most of the time, and actively try to make life difficult for opposing defensemen. When it pays off, it's awfully fun to watch.
  • My wife had the best line of the night, saying that I finally had something in common with an NHL player, as Canucks defenseman Aaron Rome had a hole in the back of his hockey pants all night long. When we were first dating, the old hockey pants I used at the time had a huge hole in the back with allowed the pad to come flopping out. I tried stitching it up myself, but that only made things worse...

And now, on to your morning hockey notes!

Nashville Predators News

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