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Wednesday afternoon notes: Mike Fisher goes back to Ottawa

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Our afternoon hockey notes have a little bit of everything in them today. We have Mike Fisher preparing for a visit to Ottawa, where he spent his first 11 years as an NHL player, another league-wide poll which lands a Predator at the top of the list, and as always, a dose of hockey stats stuff...

Nashville Predators News

Mike Fisher excited, nervous for Ottawa return - The Globe and Mail
It's gonna be a love-fest in Ottawa tomorrow night.

Paul McCann - A Rare Home Loss and On the Road Again
Paul shares a reminder about Saturday's C.A.P.E. fundraiser in Murfreesboro.

Postgame ponderings - Predators Insider
Josh Cooper notes how the Canucks and Predators are playing in offensive shootouts compared to last season.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Red Light - Posts Stats the NHL ought to keep
Many of the proposals Stu makes are possible with info we have today. I know I've written about who draws penalties, the finer details of faceoff performance, shots that ring off the posts, and who misses the net or has their shot blocked more often. Getting the NHL to incorporate such info into their regular reporting would be wonderful. What I'd really like, as well? Rebound information!

Nhl Players Poll - Sports Illustrated
This week's players poll asked NHL players which goalie is the toughest to face in the shootout, and Pekka Rinne tied for the top spot.

Trophy Tracker: Norris Trophy - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Pierre LeBrun shares some love for Shea.

The Quiet Room: Sudden Cardiac Arrest - Backhand Shelf
What happens, and what can be done, when a young athlete suddenly collapses. Or that coworker of yours, too.

Deadline Diner: Nash exiting Columbus still possible -
Rick Nash is a guy well worthy making a blockbuster deal for.

Down Goes Brown: DGB turns four
...and still not potty-trained.

Regents OK $3 million lease of Michigan Stadium for Winter Classic | The Detroit News
Somehow, someway, I've got to get back to Ann Arbor for this one. Top 10: Players in need of a new home
It's amazing some of these guys (like Scott Gomez) haven't been shipped out of town already.

The Whiteboard: Killing off a 5-on-3, and why the offense makes fans crazy with passing | Backhand Shelf
Sound stuff for you penalty killers out there.

The Devin Setoguchi Conundrum - Hockey Wilderness
Setoguchi hasn't exactly driven Minnesota fans wild this season.

Brad Richards Has Been "Lost Offensively", What's Wrong? - Blueshirt Banter
Does he need a roadmap to the net?