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Tuesday afternoon notes: Someone else is returning to NHL ice, too

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Amid the furor or #RadWatch and the Peyton Manning saga comes news that another star player is ready to make a long-awaited return to action...

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Nashville Predators News

Predators' gut feeling: Alexander Radulov is coming back –
"In my gut, if there was ever going to be a time for him to come back, it should be now," Poile said at the NHL general managers' meeting.

With 15 healthy forwards, where would Radulov even fit in? | Section 303
Jeremy breaks down the line situation really well here - besides not wanting to break up the top two lines which are clicking right now, it would probably be best to try and match Radulov against other teams' 3rd & 4th lines. I'd lean towards letting Smith center him at first however, Gaustad & Wilson just strike me as too slow to maximize Radulov's potential.

Paul McCann - A Win is a Win, Radulov and Randoms
Paul gives a thumbs-up to Radulov's return and sets the table for games to keep an eye on tonight.

A Quick (and stupid) Solution to the Radulov Situation - Winging It In Motown
Loosely translated: "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" But it was probably therapeutic for J.J. to get this out of his system, I'm sure folks in several other cities are having a similar reaction.

Beyond Thunder 'Drome: Rads Watch, Peyton Manning Meeting Munch | Pith in the Wind
J.R. clues in the general public on #RadWatch.

Also, catch Preds GM David Poile here at the GM meetings in Boca Raton, Florida. I love his response to E.J. Hradek's question about whether it's difficult being away from the team at this time, around the 0:35 mark:

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Sidney Crosby to return Thursday vs New York Rangers - PensBurgh
The Penguins have been one of the hottest teams in the league for a while now, and are set to get back their franchise player. Whoa, boy.

Zeitgeist: Interpreting the New York Islanders Season Ticket Letter - Lighthouse Hockey
For those of you who enjoy gallows humor.

Some GMs want a minor penalty for a hand pass in the defensive zone. Wait, what? | Backhand Shelf
I can see treating hand passes in the defensive zone just like everywhere else (stop play, set up a faceoff), but a minor? That's ridiculous.

Stats and Goaltender performance | The Province
Up in Vancouver, they're just waiting to rain down the boos on Roberto Luongo.

Systems Analyst: Desperation distracts the Sabres from returning to coverage in the dying seconds | Backhand Shelf
When your opponent gets extended possession in the defensive zone, disaster can strike when everyone starts zeroing in on the puck-carrier.

The Man Comes Around: Ondrej Pavelec's 2010-11 and 2011-12 Seasons - Arctic Ice Hockey
Winnipeg's getting some remarkably average goaltending out of Pavelec, but the bargain may be over.

Sean Avery tells Bravo TV he’s ‘officially retired’ from hockey, threw skates in Hudson (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy
Bravo with a hockey scoop? That's different.