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The story behind that "Stay With Us" Alexander Radulov video

Given this morning's update on the Alexander Radulov story, perhaps it's time for a little comedic breather.

Slava Malamud is a contributing writer at and a correspondent for Sport Express, a Russian sports website which is a great resource for keeping an eye on what's going on with the KHL. Often, guys like he and Dmitri Chesnokov of Puck Daddy serve as our guides into the world of Russian hockey, as it's usually hard for us North Americans to filter out which news outlets are reputable, and which are not.

This morning, Slava passed along a pretty hilarious tribute video imploring Radulov to stick with the KHL. Now, in a guest post for OTF, he translates the lyrics and provides some background on what this all means.

If Alexander Radulov had it his way, he'd be on a plane to Nashville now. As Sport-Express reported today, he is currently in talks with Salavat Yulayev Ufa to get released from the final year of his contract. But Ufa fans aren't about to submit to their fate and take this lying down. Oh goodness, no!

Employing the help of what appears to be a local singing prodigy, they have recorded a hilarious musical plea to the mercurial sniper. Here it is, in all its 80s-disco-trash glory.

In case those dancing foxes and ushanka-wearing locals haven't provided enough entertainment, here is a literary (as opposed to literal) translation of the lyrics.

It's not wind and it's not fury, and the hurricanes ain't blasting
It's a boy from Nizhny Tagil who's appeared on the ice
He looks gorgeous in green jerseys, and he ain't afraid of trapping
And he ran away from Nashville to make Ufa fall in love
To make Ufa fall in love!

And one hundred plus goals later, after breaking all the records,
He is posing for Playboy and gets toasted by big wigs
If you like to be this wealthy, if you like to be this happy
You just stay right here, Sasha, and you will be our king
And you will be our king!

Wanna skate with bro on first line? Wanna letter on your sweater?
If you want, then even Nyusha can perform during the breaks.
Nobody will touch you here, you can go and Tweet whatever
Just you promise us that you'll play only here and nowhere else
Only here and nowhere else!

All opponents have been facewashed, refs are open for discussions
And your Swiss banking accounts just keep growing and growing
If you like to be this wealthy, if you like to be this happy
You just stay right here, Radu, and you will be our king
And you will be our king!

Adding to the hilarity (gotta love the promise to allow him run wild on Twitter, an obvious reference to the coach-dissing scandal earlier this year) is backstory to the song. It is a parody of "Stay with us, boy, you'll be our king", a song from a Soviet-era cartoon called "In the Blue Sea, In the White Foam." Feast your eyes on the slightly creepy original.

The cartoon is about a young fisherman who, kidnapped by the Sea King, is being forced to marry a mermaid. In the song the Angelina Jolie look-alike sea maiden is trying to seduce the kid into staying with riches from sunken ships. In the end of the cartoon, the boy refuses the money and power and returns to land. So, basically, there...

Thanks again to Slava for the insight here! - Dirk