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Nashville Predators could send 5 to Las Vegas for 2012 NHL Awards

Last year it was pretty fun to see the Nashville Predators send 4 finalists to Las Vegas to participate in the NHL Awards, but this summer, it's quite possible that the Preds could top that figure. Not only are Shea Weber, Pekka Rinne, David Poile and Barry Trotz in the conversation for the major awards tied to each of their roles, but now you have the team's Masterton Trophy nominee, Jordin Tootoo, to consider as well.

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The selection process for the Masterton Trophy is a bit different in that every team has a nominee, and all the chapters of the Professional Hockey Writers Association vote once the nominations have been made. There are some other strong contenders like Max Pacioretty from Montreal. but I'd put Tootoo's case up against anybody's. If the Predators do indeed send 5 representatives to the NHL Awards, I think we can put an end to the "nobody pays attention to Nashville" talk, don't you?