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Friday afternoon notes: A little bit of everything

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Your Friday afternoon hockey reading covers all the bases. We've got a review of the Nashville Predators' week gone by, a celebration of the growing hockey market here, speculation on the next wave of NHL General Manager candidates, and perhaps the coolest nod yet to St. Patrick's Day. All this and more follow after the jump...

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Nashville Predators News

Greetings From Smashville! A Wing and a Prey-er Edition | The Hockey Writers
Part of Jas' weekly review celebrates the Brostitsyns.

Eye On Hockey - The growth of Nashville into a great hockey market
This won't be news to anyone around here, but for the general public, I'm sure there are folks out there who aren't aware.

The Hippodrome: We're Masters of The Universe! | Pith in the Wind
Great, now I've got "One Step Beyond" playing in my head.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Messier’s Skates: Regression, Luck, and Transience | Backhand Shelf
Another home run from E here. When it comes to predictive power, advanced stats analysis can trump the "just watch the game" crowd repeatedly. That doesn't mean we should ignore or deride accomplishments of the present day, however.

Brodeur is a Fraud: The Curse of Obama
Tim Thomas has been pretty lousy ever since his White House snub. That doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it makes for a fun story.

Once teams realized they had to pass the Bruins "punk test," the B’s were in for a long season | Backhand Shelf
Are the NHL's bullies getting a comeuppance?

If You Could Pick The Next G.M. Of The Edmonton Oilers: The Finalists | Edmonton Journal
Paul Fenton makes the final four of a reader poll on who should take the reins in Edmonton.

Count Brendan Shanahan among eventual GM candidates –
15 names which could be coming to a front office near you.

With green ice, Erie Otters put your team’s St. Patrick’s Day gimmicks to shame (PHOTO) | Puck Daddy
Whoa, that is impressive.

Winnipeg Jets owner endorses Saskatoon as NHL city, with one concern | Puck Daddy
I think it's way too early to use Winnipeg as the model for how another small Canadian city might support an NHL franchise. Of course they're selling out every game this year, but what happens 5 or 10 years down the road if the team's just mediocre?

The Dark Blue Jacket: The power of a single word
Has Rick Nash crossed over into mutiny?

Siri for Los Angeles Kings Fans on the Apple iPhone 4s @ LA Kings Hockey Club Podcast
Well done, guys! Funny stuff here. blogs - Glendale mayor: I'm not getting Phoenix Coyotes updates
This doesn't sound good at all for Phoenix fans. (found at Kukla's Korner)

Skaters Brave Breakneck Speeds on Icy Downhill | Playbook |
Coolest thing ever??? Yup.

Scoring Chances: Game 70 v. Nashville - Fear The Fin
For those of you who like to dig through scoring chance data, here's the scoop from late last night.

OTF Classic: NHL Fake Trades, an idea worth pursuing further in 2013
In a rush, I set up as an outlet for honestly bogus NHL Trade scenarios, so here's the followup on how that whole exercise panned out.

‘Because It’s The Cup’: Will the NHL’s courtship of casual fans make Stanley Cup Playoffs a social success? | Puck Daddy
Greg takes a real deep dive into the NHL's marketing strategy this spring.

And here's a look at one of those new Stanley Cup Playoffs commercials...