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As we get rolling with the spiffy new SB Nation YouTube channel (and our humble little 40 acres of it), one thing which I'd like to feature from time to time is a mailbag segment, featuring questions submitted from you (yes, YOU).

Do you have questions about the Preds or the NHL at large? Maybe something related to fantasy hockey, or advanced stats? Even "Hockey 101" questions are highly encouraged.

Email me at, using the subject line "Question for YouTube" and I'll try to pick at least one question a week to respond to in video form. Trust me, if you have a particular question, it's very likely that many, many other folks do too, so don't be afraid to ask.

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Even if you don't have a specific question which you'd like answered, if you have topics you'd like to see covered, I'd love to get your suggestions as well. Thanks in advance! - Dirk

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