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Oilers 6, Predators 3: Ales with the malice

The Edmonton Oilers sure know how to live it up in Music City.

Tonight the Oilers punked the Predators 6-3 in Nashville, something they've done all too often in recent years. Prior to tonight's game, Edmonton won 6-2 in Nashville back in November, 4-0 in February of 2011, and 6-1 in October of 2009. They only make two trips here each season, so to have four of these blowouts in the last 6 matchups in Nashville is more than a bit odd.

Follow after the jump for your highlights and breakdown...

Cue the video (might take 30-45 minutes post-game to work):

Your random observations:

  • Kudos to Mark Howard for noting that this has been a "Marty Party" during his pre-game interview with Martin Erat.
  • When you talk about being snakebit against a typically lousy opponent, those first two goals for Edmonton filled the bill. A bank off Klein's skate by Hordichuk from below the goal line, and Erat pushing Gagner into Pekka Rinne as Hemsky took his shot? Yikes.
  • Hemsky's second goal, early in the second period, was pretty discouraging. Not only the juicy rebound he left (and failed to clear), but the way Hal Gill appeared to give up on the play didn't help. He just coasted behind Hemsky as he cruised in to snag the loose puck.
  • That sequence midway through the 2nd was quite the emotional roller coaster. First Patric Hornqvist gets absolutely screwed out of a goal as referee Paul Devorski ruled he had interfered with Devan Dubnyk in the Edmonton net. The zebras tried to make up for things by giving Nashville a 5-on-3 advantage, which they couldn't quite cash in on, but Hornqvist did scored seconds after it expired to make the score 4-2. That didn't last long, however, as Matt Halischuk turned the puck over to Ales Hemsky at center ice, allowing Hemsky to zoom in on Lindback and earn his 1st career hat trick (according to Pete Weber on the broadcast). Ugh.
  • Why does it seem like stinkers such as this come along just as the attention of the NHL at large turns towards the Predators? All the Radulov talk has brought a wealth of hockey commentators out of the woodwork labeling Nashville as a top contender for the Cup in the last two days, and this isn't exactly the way to build on that hype.
  • The Oilers really showed a lack of discipline in continuing to give Patric Hornqvist "the business", while holding a 3rd period lead. The referees had been ridden hard all night, so they should have known that there was a heightened chance of getting called. Ultimately the Preds couldn't make them pay, but that's a risk that a savvy team doesn't even take.
  • On the other hand, it was really encouraging to see Hornqvist draw, and accept that kind of abuse to not only score goals, but draw penalties to help the Predators make a comeback attempt. That's something we can look forward to seeing during the playoffs.
  • All in all, you just put a game like this in the dumper and move on to tomorrow, which should be pretty entertaining. It's expected that You-Know-Who will practice with the team.

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