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Check out the Nashville Dixie Flyers in never-before-seen hockey video

In a fitting followup to the release a few months ago of "Gold Record", the DVD which tells the 50-year history of pro hockey in Nashville, a video has just been made available of game footage between the Nashville Dixie Flyers and the Greensboro Generals from over 40 years ago. They played in the old Eastern Hockey League, with the Dixie Flyers' home games taking place at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium.

Here's an excerpt from the description posted of this video on YouTube:

My father Bennie Goodman was instrumental in bringing two sports to Nashville, Tennessee. The two sports were race cars and hockey. In the mid 60's, he purchased the Dixie Flyers (named for the train that passed through Nashville) and personally took the video seen in this upload. He passed away a couple years ago and I recently found several 16mm reels which had never seen before footage of these two sports.

Just follow after the jump and take a trip back in time...

There's just nothing quite like watching old-time hockey, is there?