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Gotta Get A Goo Goo: Stories Of The Season

Before the madness of the Stanley Cup Playoffs grips us all, I thought I'd poll the Nashville hockey writing community on the stories which will stand out when we look back on this 2011-2012 Predators season. This series will run over the next week or so, and celebrate events on and off the ice, some momentous, some just plain silly. I hope you enjoy them. Today's selection: Buddy Oakes picks the Goo Goo Goal.

Growing the business side of the Nashville Predators means not just selling tickets and filling the building, but establishing more and deeper corporate partnerships. This season, a promotion featuring a signature local confection has provided a special treat for the fans...

This year, a delicious twist was added to the in-game festivities at Bridgestone Arena. If the Preds score a goal during the final minute of the second period, every fan in attendance wins a coupon for a free GooGoo Cluster. During that time, the electronic signage all over Bridgestone blares out the GooGoo branding for all to see.

Buddy Oakes of Preds On The Glass has been perhaps the most vociferous public supporter of the Goo Goo Goal, calling on Twitter for the fans to start chanting "Goo Goo, Goo Goo" during that final minute of the second period. The trick is, when a team scores roughly 3 goals a game, that means you're roughly looking at a 1/20 chance that a GooGoo Goal would be scored in any given game, translating to maybe 1 or 2 a season.

As the months dragged on, folks began to wonder whether a GooGoo Goal would ever be scored. Buddy paints the scene on January 23 as the Preds hosted Columbus...

For 25 home contests, fans in Smashville flocked, in record numbers, to Bridgestone Arena with the anticipation that the Nashville Predators would score in the last minute of the second period and that everyone in the building would receive a free Goo-Goo Cluster.

Twenty-five times, fans went home without the scrumptious treat that is made with "real milk chocolate, caramel, peanuts and marshmallow nougat."


The higher probability for the deed was set in motion with two minutes remaining in the period when Columbus was called for two many men on the ice giving the Predators the man advantage for the remainder of the period.

Anticipation was building as the clock ticked toward the one minute mark. Hearts stopped when Marty Erat banged a shot off the crossbar as the one minute mark was approaching. Many thought that the puck had crossed the red line and that the goal would come prematurely, before the magical 60 second mark.

--- Preds On The Glass

No, Marty's attempt was denied, opening the door for Mike Fisher to earn his spot in Nashville Predators history:

Buddy (with the assistance of Ryan Porth) captured Fisher's reaction in the locker room after the game, even presenting him with an honorary Goo Goo. Forget the 2007 Stanley Cup Final, I imagine this ranks right up there with Fisher's all-time hockey accomplishments:

Barry Trotz, however, was not as plugged in as Fish was...

My question is, where the heck can I find the insanely wonderful Peanut Butter Goo Goos? I mean, if I have to drive downtown, pay for parking and tickets to a Preds game just to get one at a concession stand, well, that's what I've got to do, but what about those nights when the Predators aren't playing at home? I've checked groceries stores and Cracker Barrels, but have only found the Original variety on the shelves...