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Monday afternoon notes: Translating Linsanity to Smashville

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Courtesy of Matt & Dan over at the spiffy new SB Nation YouTube channel, we have a topical exercise to consider - how might the disease-riddled pun-fest of "Linsanity" be applied to other sports teams?

Naturally, this leads to the question of how we might characterize the buzz currently surrounding the Nashville Predators, now that they've made significant moves to gear up for what should be an exciting playoff run...

  • Hal-itosis? That doesn't sound good.
  • Shea We-beriberi? Yikes.
  • Pekka Rubella? At least that's contagious.
  • Trotz-eoporosis?
  • Pa-Trichinosis Hornqvist?

I'm sure you can come up with better ideas than these, right? Now, on to your afternoon hockey reading...

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Nashville Predators News

Preds On The Glass: POTG previews Tuesday's game with the Kings on All the Kings Men Podcast
Buddy jumps on an L.A. podcast to set up tomorrow's contest.

Hockey Night in Nashville: Preds boast deep blueline heading toward playoffs
How different this season is to last year at this time, when the Preds typically carried 21 or 22 guys on the roster down the stretch, rather than the 25 they have currently.

The Carter Hutton Factor | Admirals Roundtable
Curse his name!

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

History Lessons: What Hockey Is | Backhand Shelf
Now this is Old Time Hockey!

Jean Béliveau continues encouraging comeback | Hockey Inside/Out
Great news to hear out of Montreal.

Pizzo’s Points: There are a LOT of Jack Adams candidates | Backhand Shelf
So... almost everybody who is leading a team to the playoffs? 11 makes for a pretty wide selection.

Habs’ Markov cleared for contact - The Globe and Mail
It's easy to overlook just how badly the Candiens have missed this guy.

New on Puck the Media: The Hockey Ratings Database " Puck The Media
It's not really a database, just a list, but there is still interesting information here.

Alex Ovechkin: Not great, and barely noticeable - Capitals Insider - The Washington Post
Ovechkin's decline in production goes right along with their transition to becoming a more defensively responsible team after the 2010 playoff loss to Montreal.

Do the Washington Capitals even have a system? | Puck Daddy
Gridlock on ice in Washington?

Is This the Worst Minnesota Wild Team Ever? - Hockey Wilderness
There's an interesting dynamic at work when an outsider calls a team lousy, and things get ugly; but when it's the locals talking about how lousy their team is, it's OK.

How to prevent "Fall for Hall" and "Fail for Nail" campaigns | Edmonton Journal
A radical notion is proposed to spur the losers to try their best down the stretch.

Steve Yzerman named general manager of Team Canada for Sochi 2014 - ESPN
Well, he got them gold in Vancouver the last time around...

Oh, and thanks for all the birthday wishes, folks!