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Thursday afternoon notes: TSN's Bob McKenzie stirs up Radulov return talk

The hot topic people have been chatting about the last few days is whether or not Alexander Radulov might return to Nashville once his KHL team is done with their playoffs. Currently, Salavat Yulaev is down 3-2 to Ak Bars Kazan, with Game 6 coming up tomorrow.

The Predators have said that Radulov could return to the team without any issue, even to just play a game or two during the regular season, and that would satisfy the remaining year of his contract. Looking at the CBA, however, the usual case for a guy coming back from Europe requires waivers, allowing any other team to claim him (much like how the Predators acquired Marek Svatos last season). I've been looking for outside confirmation on this matter before getting my hopes up, at the risk of offending those for whom "Poile says so" is proof enough.

This afternoon, TSN's Bob McKenzie gave us something leaning in that direction:

Hopefully, he'll follow up with a more detailed report, because this is a pretty unusual situation. The "subject to NHLPA approval" bit is the really interesting part, because that would seem to imply that an exception to the normal procedure is contemplated.

Of course, this doesn't speak to what Radulov's intentions are, so the cart is getting waaaaay in front of the horse here. All the same, you can expect this chatter to escalate if Salavat Yulaev gets bounced out of the KHL playoffs tomorrow morning.

And now, finally, on to your afternoon hockey notes...

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