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Bettman discusses NHL All-Star Game in Nashville: Thursday's notes

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Come on, Gary, put the t-shirt on.
Come on, Gary, put the t-shirt on.

While there is, of course, lots to talk about coming out of last night's Stanley Cup playoff action (an overtime game, upsets, and controversy!) one interesting story line this morning pertains to the road ahead for Nashville as a hockey market. In the shadow of the Music City Center, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman spoke to various media outlets yesterday about bringing an NHL All-Star Weekend to Nashville at some point in the near future.

Just follow after the jump for that, and a whole lot more...

Nashville Predators News

For starters, listen in as NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman joined 102.5 The Game's pre-game coverage yesterday:

Gary Bettman on 1025 2012-04-11 (mp3)

Faith, Hope, & Love – in a Hockey Context (Part 1 of 2) | Predators AJenda
Here is a completely different take on the Predators than you've ever seen before. Trust me.

After Nashville courtship, Atlanta fans blacked out of Predators playoff game | Puck Daddy
It sounds like hockey fans in Georgia got screwed out of seeing the game last night, as Sport South showed baseball, and CNBC was blacked out.

Rough incident between Weber and Zetterberg at end of Game 1 - Nashville Predators Examiner
Naturally, Shea Weber & Barry Trotz didn't see last night's incident as suspension-worthy. Do you?

Wings coach motivates Predators forwards | The Tennessean
Remember Babcock's quote yesterday about the 3rd & 4th lines being a "good matchup" for Detroit yesterday? Look at where the goals came from last night.

NHL commish sees All-Star game in Nashville's future | The Tennessean
They only need to nail down which year.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Thugs get the last word on Vancouver’s hockey party - The Globe and Mail
All eyes will be on Vancouver whenever their playoff run approaches an end.

Bettman vows officiating and discipline standards will not slacken as playoffs progress - The Globe and Mail
And here perhaps is why there were so many whistles last night.

Mike Babcock wasn’t happy with referees during Red Wings, Predators Game 1 (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy
I think this marks the first time in history that an in-game bench interview actually offered up something interesting.

2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs: a look at historical seedings, upsets and sweeps | The Hockey Writers
For those of you wondering how often the #4 seed beats the #5, here's your answer.

How the Pittsburgh Pirates Became the Philadelphia Flyers | The Hockey Writers
No, they didn't trade in their baseball equipment and take up hockey.

A look at all 30 NHL teams’ tendencies on the past 5 draft floors - Buzzing The Net
Take a look at where the Preds go fishing on Draft Day relative to other teams.

Avalanche Coach Joe Sacco Given 2-Year Contract Extension - Mile High Hockey

The Avs are indeed showing progress as a group, so probably not a bad move here.

Jets Individual Performances Compared to Last Year - Arctic Ice Hockey

Evander Kane is maturing into an impact player.

Pass or Fail: St. Louis Blues unofficial playoff hip-hop anthem ‘Blue Note Boogey’ | Puck Daddy
Oh boy.

Byron Bitz Hits Kyle Clifford, Gets Ejected From Game 1 Between Canucks, Kings -
Here's a hit from the Vancouver/L.A. game which is drawing attention.

Detroit Can't Overcome Rinne, Bounces: Predators 3 - Red Wings 2 (Preds lead 1-0) - Winging It In Motown
I think we can all agree that there were way too many whistles last night, and hopefully both sides can roll the lines a bit in Game 2.

ECQF Game 1: GOOD THINGS HAPPEN as Flyers erase 3-0 deficit, win 4-3 in OT - Broad Street Hockey
Philly mounted quite the comeback last night, topping Pittsburgh in overtime.

Kings At Canucks Game 1 Recap ; Shot In The Foot (4-2L) - Nucks Misconduct
The Kings provided a shock to start things off, taking Game One in Vancouver.