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No Ping-Pong for you! How should the Predators defend home ice on Friday?

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While other series have guys throwing elbows to the head, pulling hair, or cross-checking opponents in the face, the rivalry between the Nashville Predators and Detroit Red Wings is perhaps taking a more genteel turn. The story making the rounds this morning had Todd Bertuzzi taking away a ping-pong table which the Preds were playing with***, telling them to basically get their own. Dave Strader details that story at the end of the video here:

So the question I put to you is, how should the Predators defend their turf when the series returns to Bridgestone Arena for Game 5 on Friday?

  • Shea Weber could have his giant dog Dug stand guard outside the visitors' dressing room.
  • The arena staff could serve up a pre-game meal for the Red Wings consisting of nothing but the most tongue-scorching variety of Prince's Hot Chicken.
  • Conveniently stop cleaning out Gnash's litter box, and leave it in a corner of the Red Wings' room.

What other ideas can you come up with? It's time to chip in and help the team...

*** Jim Diamond previously profiled particular Preds' propensity for ping-pong.

UPDATE: Craig Custance tries to pop the bubble here:

Hey, why let the facts get in the way of a good story?