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Shea Weber contributes to "You Can Play" initiative

Yeah, he can play.
Yeah, he can play.

We've been wondering when a Nashville Predator would be represented in the "You Can Play" project, a series of public service announcements from a wide array of NHL stars speaking out in support of the acceptance of gay athletes.

The following came across the Twitterverse from the organization's official account:

One of the founding partners of You Can Play is Patrick Burke, the son of Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian, and brother of Brendan Burke, who came out about his sexuality while a student manager with the University of Miami hockey team, before dying in a car accident in February of 2010. Patrick has carried on his brother's mission to fight homophobia in sports, and the You Can Play project is gaining support from around the NHL.

Here's a look at the video which kicked off the campaign (this is NOT Shea's), to get an idea of what we can look forward to when the new one gets released: