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Out-of-Town Scoreboard Watch for April 4, 2012

Now that's a rather unusual technique...
Now that's a rather unusual technique...

Hmm... do you find anything of interest out there on tonight's NHL schedule???

Visitor Home Time / Network
Tampa Bay (37-35-7, 81 PTS) Montréal (29-35-15, 73 PTS) 6:30
Detroit (47-27-5, 99 PTS) St Louis (48-21-10, 106 PTS) 6:30 NBC Sports

Detroit's not exactly a bunch of road warriors, so the Blues could be in good position to do the Preds a favor and keep the Red Wings in 5th place.

Meanwhile, there is one noteworthy bit about the Lightning vs. Canadiens game - Steven Stamkos is just two goals away from being the first guy since Alex Ovechkin in 2008 (and only the 20th ever) to reach the 60-goal plateau.