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Voting opens today for Pekka Rinne in Quarterfinals of NHL13 Cover Contest

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EA Sports NHL 13 logo
EA Sports NHL 13 logo

Pekka Rinne has stood on his head for the Nashville Predators, and now it's your turn to stand up for him.

Voting has opened this morning in the quarterfinal round of the EA Sports' NHL 13 Cover Contest. The ultimate victor will grace the latest edition of the leading hockey video game which comes out this fall, and it's pretty remarkable that a Pred has made it this far - but now can he knock off a big star from the Big Apple?

Pekka Rinne

#35 / Goalie / Nashville Predators



Nov 03, 1982

Now through May 23, you can vote on two matchups: Rinne vs. Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers, and Pavel Datsyuk vs. John Tavares. Just head over to, where you can vote as often as you like.

After all, it's Friday - what else are you going to do all day? You might as well put that mouse button to work and support your local goaltender...