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Devils push Rangers to the brink: Thursday's notes

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Thanks to a wild 5-3 victory in Game 5, the New Jersey Devils have taken a 3-2 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals and have a chance to close things out tomorrow night on their home ice. Our hockey notes this morning touch on this game, before moving on to the rest of the hockey world, including two articles from our very own Sam Page appearing in different outlets...

Nashville Predators News

Let's start things off with Pete Weber on satellite radio yesterday talking puck:

Pete Weber on HTM 2012-05-23 (mp3)

PuckCast: Episode 4 – A Call to Action |
Patten welcomes in Preds game operations guru Ron Zolkower to talk about a very special fund-raiser this Wednesday at the Tin Roof.

Paul McCann - Put on Your Tin Foil Hats...
Paul says the Coyotes should quit howling.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

A Dream to a Nightmare and Back: New Jersey Devils Take Game 5 from New York Rangers, 5-3 - In Lou We Trust
After jumping out to an early lead, the Devils almost blew this one.

American Circus - Sports - Hockey's Moneypuck Problem
Sam argues that without much actionable intelligence to be derived from stats analysis, hockey players and coaches rely on cliché as a bastion of collected hockey wisdom.

Sidney Crosby's Comic Book Death | Overtime
Given all the Marvel movies I've been watching with my sons lately, Sam's other article yesterday is especially apropos.

Eulogy: Remembering the 2011-12 Phoenix Coyotes | Puck Daddy
Sam & Matt do a fine job here: So it's all over now. We no longer will be treated to the uneasy sight of a state with the harshest immigration policies having a "white-out."

Blue Jackets Off-Season Continues: Derek Dorsett Re-Signed - The Cannon
Heads up, boys.

Alain Vigneault Signs Extension - Nucks Misconduct
The alternative would have been really, really dumb.

Spacek on memorable, surreal Habs experience | Hockey Inside/Out
In an all-too-rare bit of candor, Jaroslav Spacek sheds some light on just how nutty the situation in Montreal became last season.

KuklasKorner : Puckin' Around With Spector : Forecasting the PR Strategies for "NHL CBA 2012".
Lyle walks through how things went down back in 2004, and cautions both sides to take the hockey blogging community seriously.

Trendspotting |
OK, everybody can stop writing about the shot-blocking trend of this playoff run, as Tyler has the most insightful take on this issue I've seen, and it's not even close.

Canadians open to changes that would make hockey safer - The Globe and Mail
It will be interesting to see if this survey leads the NHL towards a more comprehensive ban on head shots.

Gretzky talks horse racing, hockey and about divided loyalties - The Globe and Mail
The Great One had strong ties to the Kings and Coyotes, and of course Glen Sather & Mark Messier are with the Rangers.

Brent Sutter plays waiting game - Calgary Sun
Is he the next Oilers coach?

CBC announces ‘While the Men Watch Hockey Night,’ sets off backlash over sexism | Puck Daddy
The outrage here is interesting to watch, but just because there are legions of informed, savvy female hockey fans doesn't mean there isn't also an audience for this sort of thing.

Puck the Media is Moving " Puck The Media
SB Nation makes a sweet acquisition here, bringing Steve Lepore's leading hockey media blog within the fold.