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Do your part for Pekka Rinne in the NHL13 Cover Vote: Sunday's notes

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Pekka Rinne EA NHL13 Cover Vote
Pekka Rinne EA NHL13 Cover Vote

As of our last update, Pekka Rinne still holds a lead over John Tavares in the semifinal round of voting for the EA Sports NHL13 cover, but he'll continue to need your support through Monday to make it to the final round. One fan has put together a video to rally others to the cause, but the bottom line is that you need to spend a little quality time at today and push Pekka over the top.

Since there's been some confusion, it's worth clarifying - you can vote as many times as you like. There's a contest associated with this vote, in which you can only gain 10 entries per day, but if you sat there and cast 500 votes (one for every lap of today's Indy 500?) every single one of them will count.

So now, on to your morning hockey notes, which feature Nashville Predators prospect Austin Watson, the club's 2010 1st-round pick, who is going for the Memorial Cup championship today with the London Knights (6:00 p.m. Central on NHL Network).

Whether you're pumped up about the Kings/Devils Stanley Cup Final, or are a hockey player who needs some new equipment, this weekend is the time to go shopping!

Nashville Predators News

2012 MasterCard Memorial Cup: London Knights — why they can win Sunday - Buzzing The Net
Because shot-blocking is all the rage in junior hockey, too.

2012 MasterCard Memorial Cup: London’s Austin Watson, Vlad Namestnikov talk shot blocking - Buzzing The Net
Yup, it sounds like Watson will fit in here just fine.

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Get set up for the Memorial Cup final in the latest 303 podcast.

Shea Weber had a bit better year than Zdeno Chara, so the Norris should go to him | Edmonton Journal
David Staples took the time to make a comprehensive comparison of the contenders' performances.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

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Take this crash course before the Final starts!

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It sure looks like L.A. is the superior team.

For Los Angeles Kings, when does rest become rust for Stanley Cup Final? | Puck Daddy
Since they don't start the Final until Wednesday, I don't see a big difference for either the Kings or Devils here.

Stanley Cup playoffs prelude to ‘samurai’ labour showdown -
A dire forecast here for the upcoming CBA negotiations might go - might the Winter Classic serve as the kickoff for a shortened season?

Bruins acquire another Bourque -
Well how about that, Boston traded for Ray's son.

Bowman nets Order of Canada, Grapes shut out - Toronto Sun
Scotty Bowman beats Don Cherry, again.

Hockey Historysis: Old-Tyme Forwards
That's what this Preds team needs, a little more "stout" up front!