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Suter & Predators to talk, Herbers leaving Milwaukee? - Tuesday's notes

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Now that we're a few weeks past the Nashville Predators' playoff elimination, the gears are starting to turn as the franchise prepares for the 2012 NHL Draft and a summer free agent market that could significantly reshape the team.

Our hockey notes this morning start off with reports that the first change might come behind the bench in Milwaukee, however. After years of relative stability, are the Admirals going through head coaches like drummers from Spinal Tap?

Nashville Predators News

Coming Down the Pipe!: Will Ian Herbers return to the Golden Bears?
Might the Milwaukee Admirals lose their head coach to Canadian college hockey? That seems like an odd move for Herbers, but apparently he's an alum of the University of Alberta, so perhaps there are some special ties there.

Hellberg: Nashville want me to come over - Hockey Express
2011 2nd-round pick Magnus Hellberg says he's been asked to come over from Sweden so he can tend goal for Milwaukee next season.

Nashville Predators, Ryan Suter's agent to talk this week | The Tennessean
Everybody's had some time to put the playoff disappointment behind them, so now it's time to get down to business.

Top 15 moments of the 2011-12 Preds season: #15 | Section 303
Does this count as a hat trick if it didn't all happen on the same day?

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Musings of a 36-Year Los Angeles Kings Fan | The Hockey Writers
For the die-hards in L.A., these are heady times.

The New Jersey Devils 2012 Playoff Run: So Far, So Good, So Why Not? - In Lou We Trust
Meanwhile in New Jersey, they're enjoying the rebound from 2010-2011.

Brodeur. Kovalchuk. DeBoer | Bobby Holik - Holik on Hockey
Holik is loving the way his former team is playing these days.

Martin Brodeur: A little above average for a very long time | Backhand Shelf
It sounds like he'd be a lock for Lake Wobegon's team.

End is near for Rick Nash, Blue Jackets as trade discussions set to resume | Puck Daddy
Which way will he go?

Bob Hartley to be named the Montreal Canadiens' next head coach | The Hockey Writers
I was wondering when he'd get back in the NHL.

Simmons: Leafs interested in Vokoun - Toronto Sun
Not a bad idea here for the Leafs, but priority #1 should be getting 2 or 3 penalty killing specialists.

In Russia, they play hockey on aircraft carriers (or at least that’s the plan) | Puck Daddy

The Flexible Elephant: On the Surprising Mobility of Bloated Contracts | Backhand Shelf
It is surprising to see so many guys on long-term contracts get moved around, like Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, Dan Boyle a couple summers ago, etc.

Larry Brooks: Can New York Rangers bring in players to improve team as long as coach John Tortorella adheres to shot-blocking approach? -
Does all that focus on shot-blocking limit the Rangers' potential?

A hockey coach’s indefensible defence - The Globe and Mail
Can anything be done to "let the boys play"?

Sabres' Ruff, Regier Need to Go | The Hockey Writers
Time for regime change in Buffalo? Can the old guard adjust to life under Daddy Warbucks?