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Will he remain Lindback-up? Tuesday afternoon notes

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You know we're desperate for real hockey news here in Nashville when the hot topic of the day is what might happen with the backup goaltending spot next season. After two seasons spent mostly on the bench, is Anders Lindback ready to move on? Two local blog posts this afternoon touch on that question...

Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7 - What to do with Anders Lindback?
Why, keep him as the backup - he serves pretty well in that role, and it's not like he's at the point where has to go be a #1 somewhere. Unless somebody rolls in with a sweet trade offer, why get rid of him now?

Nashville’s goaltending situation just got interesting: is Hellberg North America bound? | Section 303
Jeremy builds on the story we shared this morning about Magnus Hellberg being asked to come over to play in Milwaukee, and wonders if he might serve as Pekka Rinne's backup sooner rather than later.

Nothing Is Confirmed Until It Is | Admirals Roundtable
Ryan undercuts the Ian Herbers/University of Alberta talk, after a direct denial from the university.

Smashville 24/7 - Smashville On The Glass – Craig Custance featured
Fill your ears with Preds talk this afternoon.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

5 Reasons You Should Cheer for the LA Kings - Jewels From The Crown
Are you convinced?

Hawks Bring Back The Barbershop - Second City Hockey
They're not exactly crazy about 3 more years of Johnny Oduya at $3.3 million in Chicago.

Should penalties in NHL playoffs carry over to next game? GMs might debate it | Puck Daddy
I'm open to this idea.

Down Goes Brown: Kings vs Devils: The 2012 Stanley Cup preview
What more do you need?