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Nicklas Lidstrom announces press conference for tomorrow: Does this spell doom for Ryan Suter?

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Twitter has been abuzz this last hour or so, as the Detroit Red Wings have announced that the team will hold a press conference tomorrow at 11 a.m. in Detroit for Nicklas Lidstrom. While nothing is confirmed, the thinking here is that Lidstrom will either announce a) his retirement or b) he is coming back for one more year.

TSN's Aaron Ward, a former teammate of Lidstrom's, says a source tells him that Lidstrom will announce his retirement. Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press is saying the same thing.

So what does this mean for the Predators? Nashville's offseason pretty much hinges on what Ryan Suter decides to do, and one would imagine that Lidstrom's decision could have a pretty big effect on what Suter does.

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Let's look at the two probable outcomes of Lidstrom's announcement tomorrow and how each of those could possibly effect Suter's decision.

Lidstrom comes back for one year

Dirk thinks this is the most likely outcome as it gives Lidstrom another year to make a run at the Cup as well as play in the Winter Classic.

Detroit would surely continue to pursue Suter, and give him a year to learn under one of the greatest defensemen of all time. But is that what Suter really wants to do? It's hard to imagine Suter leaving Nashville to get out of Weber's shadow, only to have a bigger one cast over him, even if just for one more year.

If Lidstrom stays for another year, I'd put Suter's chances at landing in Detroit pretty slim.

Lidstrom retires

And here's where things get tricky.

Detroit would obviously be looking for a replacement for Lidstrom, and Suter would be a prime candidate to be the number one guy. He has already proven he can play at the highest level and would fulfill Detroit's biggest need heading into next season.

Regardless of whether Suter actually signs with Detroit, I think his price tage immediately goes up, and Jim Diamond agrees. With another cap-spending team like the Red Wings on the market for a stud defenseman, the demand goes up and, as we all learned in Econ 101, so does the price.

Now, the question becomes, would Suter want to sign with Detroit?

Josh Cooper doesn't think so, as long as Zach Parise doesn't go as well. And Parise leaving the Devils looks less and less likely with each New Jersey win.

Adrian Dater also brings up a good point, asking if Suter really would want the pressure of following up a legend like Lidstrom and being asked to pretty much be next in line.

All we can do now is wait and see. July 1st will be here before you know it...