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Making sense of Ian Herbers leaving Milwaukee: Wednesday afternoon notes

But can he muck?
But can he muck?

Our afternoon hockey notes can hopefully get you back thinking about the Nashville Predators, which may be a challenge given all the Nicklas Lidstrom conversation, and the opening of the Stanley Cup Final tonight.

So we'll kick things off with a double-barreled blast at "the Predator Way", followed by more insight into the move by Milwaukee Admirals head coach Ian Herbers, who is leaving the Preds organization to head up the University of Alberta program...

Nashville Predators News

The Hockey Gods Must Be Crazy: Jeff Carter, Puck Luck, and the Predator Way | Overtime presented by The Hockey Writers
I was wondering whether someone would pick up on Barry Trotz's criticism of Jeff Carter from back in December. Well done, Sam.

Best of Luck, Herbie - Milwaukee Admirals
Aaron Sims details what Milwaukee is losing in Ian Herbers, and offers some insight as to why he'd leave the AHL for Canadian collegiate hockey.

This Ian Herbers-to-Alberta story raises more questions than answers so far, as a junior hockey coach appears to have been caught up in the crossfire.

Smashville 24/7 - Should the Kostitsyns be re-signed?
I can't imagine AK46 would be back, but would be OK with SK74 on another short-term deal for close to what he made last season.

Nashville Predators job: Senior Manager of Marketing | Hockey Gear HQ
The Nashville Predators are looking for a Senior Manager of Marketing, opening up a chance to join one of the most dynamic sports organizations in the Southeast.

Paul McCann - SlapShor Radio - Assist Dog Fundraiser Tonight!
Paul's getting ready for a busy night.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Nick Lidstrom to retire, reports say. Scotty Bowman remembers | All Things Avalanche — The Denver Post
It's still mind-boggling to think what a combo of Lidstrom & Konstantinov could have done over the years.

Devils/Kings Stanley Cup Final Preview: Who has the better playoff beards? | Puck Daddy
Here's the key matchup of the series.

The View from 111: Conference Finals Review and Stanley Cup Prediction
Mark makes his call before the puck drops tonight.

A Cup of Joe In the Morning – Jonathan Quick’s Numbers Are Kind of Ridiculous | Backhand Shelf
Just in case you hadn't picked up on this yet.

Stanley Cup Final, Game 1: 5 Years Is A Loooooong Time - Battle of California
RudyKelly might need a name change to GiddyKelly.

Fast and small vs. slow and big on the ice - Grantland
Fans dig a big man's game, but does it actually help teams win?

Help, I have no hockey hate in my heart " The Active Stick
For many fans, it's hard to pick which team to boo.

Report: Hartley has second interview for Flames post - TSN
Forget Montreal, might Hartley end up in Calgary instead?

Bizball: Lack of Economic Parity Could Kill NHL - Forbes
I couldn't disagree more with the take here. While certainly the Islanders, Coyotes & Devils face serious problems, I have a hard time believing "all but a handful of clubs are struggling in the NHL."

Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic 10 Year Anniversary
Congrats to Michael on hitting a big milestone.