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SB Nation on YouTube - 2 months old, and growing fast

Probably the most exciting blog project I've ever been involved in started a couple months ago, with the debut of SB Nation on YouTube. OTF is one of several SBN blogs contributing Team Reports, but the truly impressive work is being done centrally, where a variety of shows are pushing the world of sports blogging in a new direction.

As an example, here's the latest episode of Full Nelson, with host Amy K. Nelson profiling former major leaguer Willie Mays Aikens, and his journey to hell & back:

After the jump, we'll walk you through the regular offerings you can find as part of this new (and growing) venture. What, you thought you could be productive this afternoon while waiting for Game Four of Predators/Coyotes?

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Video has come to SB Nation. We launched SB Nation's official Youtube channel on March 1st with some pretty large ambitions: let's try something new. Across the entire network, we approach the world of sports from a different angle. The passion, expertise, and first-rate analysis and discussion that takes place every day on our sites is something to beproud of and we didn't want to ruin that with a bunch of talking heads insuits and ties with no game-footage rights.

We've got humor, expert analysis, weirdness, video gifs, and incredible storytelling all in one place and we're really proud of what this thing has become. Right now, we're producing over 30 new original videos every single week. Be sure to subscribe to not miss anything. Here's a rundown of the offerings:

Shutdown Fullback

(College Football meets Tim & Eric -- New episodes every Friday): If you've ever wondered what it would look like to see a video version of threads on, well here you go. Simultaneously a college football talk show and unintentional postmodern art project, I personally guarantee Spencer Hall and Jason Kirk will make you laugh (or else they've duff'd it).

Essential Viewing: Bobby Petrino Fired episode with hot blonde assistant -

Bomani & Jones

(All sports; opinion and commentary -- New episodes Monday and Thursday): Around the Horn contributor and known Twitter user Bomani Jones is Bomani & Jones: sketches and commentary with no excuses. Think Chapelle's Show for the internet and the sports world.

Essential Viewing: Oklahoma Thunder are the Rolling Stones:

Full Nelson

(All sports; Outside the Lines with a sense of humor -- Newepisodes every Wednesday): Athletes, Access, and Culture. Full Nelson takes an inside look at the most interesting stories from the world of sports in a beautiful, different, and always interesting package. Host Amy K. Nelson joined SB Nation after years of reporting for ESPN and regular appearances on OTL and First Take, and Full Nelson offers something new every week.

Bonus points to Full Nelson for having the most-viewed video of our whole channel with Amy's perilous tour of a Duke bar during the Duke/UNC matchup.

Check it out here:

The Sporting Gentlemen

(All sports, comedy; sketches, tours, behind-the-scenes, interviews -- new episodes daily): The all-encompassing daily video series The Sporting Gentlemen, featuring Dan Rubenstein and Matt
Ufford, features unique (read: weird and occasionally threatening) reactions to the day's biggest stories, plus remote, generally participatory segments out in the field defined primarily by a general lack of athleticism, coordination, and respect.

An example of an ongoing segment that has taken the world by stormis "Bro vs Douchebag," which promises to be the authority on determining how athletes should be filed and categorized as humans. Heavy stuff.

Essential viewing: Bro vs Douchebag ... Welcome to New York, Tim Tebow... RGIII Pre-Draft Interview ...

Rob's Mailbag

(Baseball -- New episodes on Wednesday): Get smarter about baseball with Baseball Nation's Rob Neyer. In Rob's Mailbag, Rob takes questions from viewers every week and breaks them down in absurd (and extremely entertaining) detail.

Essential viewing:

The Core of Sports

(All sports, epic -- new episodes monthly): The Core of Sports is our answer to Sports Science, taking you inside the mind of elite athletes in the most cinematic way possible.

Essential viewing: UFC Fighter Brian Stann's Epic Training:

The Petey and Lomo Show

(Baseball; comedy): It's our first reality show, and we followed Miami Marlins players Bryan Petersen and Logan Morrison (Petey and LoMo, to the initiated) as they tried to find ways to fill the boredom that is Spring Training in South Florida.

Essential viewing: Marlins Off The Hook (i.e. Master-baiters):

News from the Studio

(All sports; analysis, breakdowns, experts -- new videos every day): We're not just doing sketches... we're all over breaking news, using experts from around SB Nation to weigh in on the latest news from their respective homes, workplaces, and law offices. Some of our biggest communities are represented here regularly... what about yours?

Essential viewing: Ben Golliver breaks down Lamar Odom's departure:

Extra fun stuff

We'll also be doing one off series and videos and undertaking big projects from time to time. Check out these draft profiles we made for every single first-round prospect (complete with whimsical narration and the finest animation money can buy):

Also, this wouldn't be YouTube without some fun viral videos. Check out Dolphinception (, Epic High Five with VernonDavis (, and 8-Bit Petrino Accident (