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Radulov's KHL rights traded to CSKA: Wednesday's nooner

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As has been talked about for several days, CSKA of the KHL has made a deal with Salavet Yulaev for Alexander Radulov's KHL rights, clearing the way for what we can only assume will be a lucrative offer for Rads' return to the Russian league for the 2012-2013 season. Will he accept, or find his way with another NHL club?

That will be one of the more interesting stories to watch this summer, and it leads off your lunchtime hockey notes...

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While reading, listen in as Pete Weber joined Hockey This Morning on satellite radio:

Pete Weber on HTM 2012-06-13 (mp3)

Nashville Predators News

CSKA Moscow acquired the rights to Radulov - Hockey -
The long-rumored deal has taken place, so now Sergei Fedorov has Radulov's KHL rights. That doesn't quite mean it's a done deal that he's returning there, however.

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Where did the notion come from that Paul Gaustad would be willing to take a pay cut to stay with Nashville? That makes no sense to me.

Top 15 moments of the 2011-12 Preds season: #12 | Section 303
A rather unusual choice here...

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Red Wings recall dark day in franchise history: accident that seriously injured Vladimir Konstantinov, Sergei Mnatsakanov |
It was 15 years ago today that the career of a potential Norris Trophy winner was cut short. I used to drive by the spot where the accident occurred all the time when I grew up in that area, and all summer long the fans in Detroit wondered if Konstantinov and Mnatsakonov would even survive.

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Maybe Lou expects the Devils to win the Cup next year?

Wayne Gretzky trade agreement between Oilers, Kings available on eBay? | Puck Daddy
OK, this is cool.

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Sometimes the best move when setting priorities is to figure out what not to do, I know I have some decisions to make as well.