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Will the Cube return to Montreal? - Sunday's notes

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Our Father's Day hockey notes begin this morning with an interesting look at the relationship between new (and old) Montreal Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien and Nashville Predators defenseman Francis Bouillon, who is due to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1...

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Nashville Predators News

Therrien ‘deserves’ job, Bouillon says - Montreal Gazette
Read this and let me know what you think the odds are of Francis Bouillon signing with Montreal this summer. Personal connections play a huge role in the careers of pro athletes, coaches, and managers.

Smashville 24/7 - Smashville On The Glass Podcast – Off-season movement under way
Ryan, Buddy & Jacob discuss the latest happenings with the Preds.

Larry Brooks: New York Rangers general manager Glen Sather still trying to trade for Rick Nash of Columbus Blue Jackets, sources say -
"Alexander Radulov is believed on his way back to the KHL in light of an offer from Sergei Fedorov’s CSKA club that considering tax implications, we’re told, would make him the world’s highest-paid hockey player."

Nashville Predators' David Poile still dogged by contracts ahead of NHL honor | The Tennessean
David Poile's shot at the GM of the Year Award is overshadowed these days by all the free agent uncertainty.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Whatever the price, the Lightning overpaid for Lindback | Backhand Shelf
Cam argues that Tampa should have gone the offer sheet route to get Lindback. I'd say that leaves out two major factors, however. First, it ignores the Kyle Wilson portion of the trade (which, while not huge, may prove significant). Second, the Lightning now know what they have heading into the Draft, which is a busy time for trades.

Why our issues with NHL individuality could keep gay players from coming out | Puck Daddy

An outstanding read here, grab a cup of coffee and stay for a while.

Teemu Forever & The Dearth of Finnish Superstars | Overtime

Is Teemu Selanne the last of his breed? Probably the most visible Finn in the league after he's gone will be Pekka Rinne, right?

A Look at the 2012 UFA Goaltenders: A Lot of Backups & One Starter - In Lou We Trust

If David Poile goes shopping for a backup, what's out there? Hmm... Dan Ellis, maybe? My daughter would go nuts if that happened.

Only one league exists for Nail Yakupov, the NHL, not the KHL, says his agent Igor Larionov | Edmonton Journal
Might the Oilers' style of play help ensure that Yakupov remains committed to an NHL future?