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2012 NHL Draft: Zachary Stepan chosen by Nashville Predators at #112

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Moving to the 4th Round, the Nashville Predators took 6'0" 166 lb. center Zachary Stepan at #112 overall, making him the fifth straight forward chosen by the Preds in this draft. He comes out of the Shattuck-St. Mary's program which developed Sidney Crosby among many other top-flight prospects.

Hockey's Future has this on Stepan:

The cousin of the New York Rangers' Derek Stepan, Zach has both the speed and strength to compete at the next level, despite his small size. He has terrific control of his body and is able to create space very well. His vision and awareness on the ice is above average, as well. As with any small player, his size may be a concern, but he certainly plays larger than he looks.

SB Nation's Steve Lepore brings us audio of Stepan shortly after he was picked: