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Nashville Predators take Simon Fernholm, Max Gortz & Marek Mazanec in 6th round

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The Nashville Predators wrapped up their 2012 NHL Draft by taking three European players in the sixth round.

Simon Fernholm was taken at #164 overall, and is a 6'4" Swedish defeseman. At just 187 pounds, he'll need to fill out his frame, certainly.

Max Gortz (#172) is a right wing from Farjestads in the Swedish Elite League.

Marek Mazanec is a Czech goaltender (you don't see too many of those these days in the NHL), but he's already 6'4", so it looks like he'll fit in just fine.

When you get this deep in the draft there aren't too many detailed profiles out there, so head over to for basic stats on all these guys.

In total, this brought the Preds' haul to six forwards, two defense, and the one goaltender, pending any deals in the 7th round to acquire picks. Hopefully, we'll get to see most (if not all) of today's draftees at the 2012 Nashville Predators Development Camp, which opens next week.