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New York coveting Nashville stars: Monday's notes

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The days and weeks leading into the NHL Draft represent one of the busiest times on the league's trade market, and with uncertainty surrounding so many key Nashville Predators, reports are coming out of New York that the Rangers are interested in picking up one, two, or perhaps even three big names this summer, in what would represent a massive reshaping of both the Rangers' and Predators' rosters.

Those reports, and the rest of your morning hockey notes follow after the jump...

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Nashville Predators News

Pekka Rinne may cover EA Sports game | The Tennessean
It's the final day of voting, folks... pour it on at

New York Rangers may deal for Alexander Radulov, Nashville Predators wing -
At this point, trading Radulov to an Eastern Conference team might not be a bad idea.

Slap Shots: With days of New York Islanders numbered on Long Island, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman not wrong to investigate move to Brooklyn -
Bold talk here about the Rangers possibly making a run at acquiring both Shea Weber & Ryan Suter. UPDATE: Scratch that, I misread "than" as "then". This says the Rangers are more likely to pursue Weber than Suter. Now that, I could believe.

Smashville 24/7 - Balancing Tootoo’s popularity and on-ice value
What will Tootoo be looking for on the market?

The 303:30 – Codey’s return, Austin Watson takes you down memory lane, Rinne and Vokoun together? | Section 303
Get your hockey week started by visiting with the new papa (Codey, not Austin Watson).

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Kings, Fox Sports reach agreement on $250-million TV deal -
Holy. Crap.

Tim Thomas explains why hockey is "just not that important right now" | Backhand Shelf
Is the Boston goalie taking a year off because he fears a global economic calamity?

Larry Brooks: New York Rangers coach John Tortorella was disrespectful to star Marian Gaborik by criticizing his playoff performance without disclosing serious shoulder injury -
Does Gaborik's torn labrum alter how one should view his playoff performance?

Sloganalysis: What A Slogan Can Say About Your NHL Team -
Now this is hard-hitting analysis, wherein "Smashville" gets high marks.

Down Goes Brown: A brief history of Nicklas Lidstrom
"April 11, 2010 - Lidstrom ends the 2009-2010 season with 49 points and a +23 rating, finishes fourth in Norris voting, and is named to the NHL's second all-star team. Or, as it will later be unanimously remembered, the worst season of his career."

Scoring in hockey: Blockey blues | The Economist
It's always nifty when my favorite magazine notices the NHL.