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Alexander Radulov is done in Nashville

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Bye bye, Radu.
Bye bye, Radu.

David Poile gave definitive word to Josh Cooper of the Tennessean today that the Nashville Predators are through with Alexander Radulov:

"We feel the fit right now is not with Nashville," Poile said. "He is currently in negotiations in the KHL, but still leaving the window open to a possible return to the NHL. I have reached out to a few teams in the NHL to see whether there is any interest. If there is there's the possibility we could trade his rights. But that's where it stands today."

Was it the right move to bring Rads back for the playoff run?


Could it have blown up in more spectacular fashion?

Not really.

Alexander Radulov

#47 / Right Wing / Nashville Predators



Jul 05, 1986

There was hope that perhaps a few years of experience would bring us a more mature Rads, who might better fit in with Barry Trotz's coaching style. Given the way things went down during the Phoenix series, however, it's hard to see how those two could have worked productively together going forward.

So which do you expect to see more? Rads returning to dominate the KHL, or being traded to another NHL team?

Personally, I've always held the belief that the biggest hockey event on a guy like Radulov's horizon is the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. I can easily imagine that the powers that be over there would dangle a leadership role on the Russian Olympic team as bait for his KHL return.

And if that's the case, I really wouldn't blame him for going back.

At least, we'll always have that goal against Chicago...