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Preds/Radulov breakup is getting ugly: Wednesday afternoon notes

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Sorry, Francis, he wasn't really thinking about you.
Sorry, Francis, he wasn't really thinking about you.

The Alexander Radulov/Nashville Predators affair seems to have entered the bitter, pound-a-pint-of-ice-cream-and let-it-all-out phase. This afternoon's hockey notes imply that he was just using us all along.

And besides, he was fat.

So let's get ourselves all prettied up and find a new winger this summer, OK?

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Nashville Predators News

Move to sever ties with Radulov a no-brainer for Predators - Nashville Predators Examiner
Now we hear that Radulov was overweight when he joined the team, despite having just completed his KHL season? I wonder why we haven't heard that before...

After Nashville Predators cut ties, what’s next for Alex Radulov? | Puck Daddy
Did the Preds offer Radulov a long-term contract after he returned, but he wasn't interested because all he wanted to do was wrap up his Nashville deal and move on? That's the tidbit which is implied at the end here.

Nashville Predators Offseason Grades – Defense | The Predatorial
Kris hands out a grade the parents will be happy to see.

Smashville 24/7 - Cover vote takes on life of its own in Nashville
Sean Henry and the rest of the organization had fun jumping on the #VoteRinne bandwagon.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Brodeur is a Fraud: Darryl Sutter and Goaltending
How much of Jonathan Quick's success can be tied to Sutter's coaching style?

Sutter family excited for Darryl's Stanley Cup success -
The Sutter brutters are all pulling for Darryl to get his name on the Cup.

The power of firsthand narrative: Outsourcing the NHL finals - Native Intelligence
An interesting conundrum for one Kings reporter who's over in Europe right now.

Remembering Vladimir Krutov, Soviet hockey legend on KLM Line, who died at 52 | Puck Daddy
A nice collection here which puts Krutov's career into perspective.

Is it the right move to bring back Steve Tambellini as GM of the Edmonton Oilers? | Edmonton Journal
At this rate, they'll hit .500 in just a couple more years.

@simmonssteve, @damospin and @leafsbb20 |
It's getting ugly in Toronto, where rumors turned into news recently.

Mike Knuble won’t return to Capitals - Capitals Insider - The Washington Post
Does the old mucker have anything left in the tank?

Larry Brooks: Zach Parise of New Jersey Devils soon to be free agent, may play last game with team in Game 4 of Stanley Cup Finals against Los Angeles Kings -
Among the forwards, Parise will be the cream of the crop this summer. How high might the bidding go?