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From Blue to Blue Jacket: Thursday afternoon notes

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Craving some afternoon hockey stories, are ya? Well, we have quite the wide-ranging buffet laid out for you, with an update on a KHL team loading up for bear, dissent in Phoenix over the proposed Coyotes deal, and a possible move by an NHL executive from one Central Division team to another...

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Nashville Predators News

Fedorov and filthy rich CSKA team are after Radulov, Semin | Edmonton Journal
Sergei Fedorov now has the wherewithal to bring in the biggest of KHL fish.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Charlie Sheen had a meltdown at the Kings game last night | Backhand Shelf
I just hope he didn't use language like this around Fake Anders at the #VoteRinne rally.

Star power hasn’t been enough to ignite NHL TV ratings in the U.S. - The Globe and Mail
There's no sugar-coating it, the TV numbers stink for this series.

Goldwater Institute raises concerns over latest attempt to sell Coyotes - The Globe and Mail
Here comes another turd in the punch bowl...

Avalanche Re-sign David Jones for 4-Years, $16 Million. Hunwick Too? - Mile High Hockey
Can Jones handle a leading role as a goal-scorer for Colorado?

John Davidson Reportedly Interviews With Columbus Blue Jackets - The Cannon
Might Davidson make an intra-divisional move, leaving St. Louis for Columbus? Considering how Ken Hitchcock went the other way less than a year ago, this almost sounds like a hostage exchange.

Salming, WHA Paved Way For Lidstrom |
Patten deserves an Ikea sponsorship for this journey through Swedish hockey history.

Bernie Parent solves mystery of Leafs mask, 41 years after Rangers captain stole it | Puck Daddy
Well ain't this a heart-warmer...

Fixing the NHL’s wonky hit statistics |
I'm deeply uncomfortable with this approach, without at least doing some comprehensive video review to see if players might indeed play more aggressively on home ice. Until then, I'm fine with simply ignoring the Hits stat (along with Giveaways and Takeaways) as utter garbage.

Save it for June: How to reduce the grind - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
I'm down with ideas #1 and #4 here... but that's about it.