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NHL places 4 teams in Top 20 Pro Sports Teams in Social Media

He's <a href="!/BaileyLAKings">big on Twitter</a>.
He's big on Twitter.

When you think of professional sports teams with the largest and most engaged followings on social media, you might be surprised to hear that the NHL placed 4 in the Top 20, according to a new report from marketing agency Activ8Social. Based on TV ratings and chatter on platforms like ESPN, you'd be led to believe that hockey had fallen out of popular consciousness, but the NHL has been a leader when it comes to digital marketing and fan outreach via platforms like Facebook & Twitter.

Follow after the jump for a look at the list...

The following presentation was initially found over at The Business of Sports:

One has to wonder if their drive to the Stanley Cup Final has helped the L.A. Kings and New Jersey Devils rise through the rankings (the Kings in particular have been getting rave reviews for their Twitter account), and the Boston Bruins make sense as a contender given their status as 2011 Stanley Cup champs.

But the Tampa Bay Lightning? Does that strike anyone else as a surprise?