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Edmonton, Seattle & Las Vegas still working on new arenas: Monday's notes

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Hockey fans are closely watching the CBA negotiations to see how the balance might change between NHL owners and players (and more importantly, whether the season will start on time), but there's another contributor to hockey's business which becomes the focus of this morning's notes: the arenas. A modern arena is the economic engine that generates revenue from fans and corporate sponsors, and getting one built is a challenge requiring not just money but healthy amounts of political skill, too.

So let's take a tour and see how progress is going in Edmonton, Seattle, and Las Vegas...

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predator Off Season Predictions | Hack Whack and Snack
Dave shares 10 predictions for Smashville's summer.

Ryan Suter, Shea Weber see fantasy values change after Suter's move to Minnesota Wild - Fantasy Hockey - ESPN
I can't say I agree with the assessment here. Suter is going to an offensively challenged Wild team, so is unlikely to see a big rise in production, and if anyone is going to inherit a major opportunity here it's Roman Josi more than Ryan Ellis, who would still be behind Shea Weber on the right side.

NHL’s opening CBA offer can’t be music to Shea Weber’s ears - Nashville Predators Examiner

Jim Diamond shares some optimism about the Preds signing the captain.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Daryl Katz has the prescription for the Oilers - The Globe and Mail
The self-made billionaire is working to have a new arena built in Edmonton with public support, but costs are rising rapidly.

The Seattle Arena Opposition: How to Parry a Billionaire - The Hockey Writers
There's a reason that the Sonics left Seattle a few years ago, and it hasn't disappeared.

At a glance: Las Vegas Arena Foundation - Las Vegas Sun
How about Vegas, baby? I really like the idea of having a hockey team there. (Found via Kukla's Korner).

Slap Shots: NHL proposal to slash salaries and revenues and delay free agency is Declaration of Wars against players union -
I can understand siding with the players here, but boy does Larry Brooks pile on the hyperbole.

If the NHL gets its way, players like Nail Yakupov will have much less incentive to play in North America | Edmonton Journal
You just know the KHL will be cheering on that whole idea of 5-year entry level contracts...

Blue Jackets: Nash saga could get awkward as camp nears | BlueJackets Xtra
Will the sun ever shine on Columbus?

Halak on track for return, Blues say -
For a number of injured players, a delay to the start of the season might be all that bad.

Watch Theo Fleury make ‘hockey tonk’ debut at Calgary Saddledome (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy
Hmm... what do you think?

Roberto Luongo’s poker dream folds, finishes 634th at 2012 World Series in Vegas | Puck Daddy
He cashed in, so well done.

NHLers keen to support charity for concussion research - The Globe and Mail
The really interesting bit here is the discussion with Eric Lindros on how with hindsight, critics might view his career differently.

Kyle Wellwood Is Coming Back To Winnipeg - Arctic Ice Hockey
Dang, now Jets fans can brag about three scoring lines.