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Hockey fans wait for the CBA dance to truly begin: Tuesday's notes

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Last Friday hockey fans reacted with varying levels of shock and horror to the NHL owners' opening proposal in the CBA negotiations, with some forecasting another entire season to be lost to a lockout, just as in 2004-2005. For now, however, we have to wait and see how the players respond, to get an idea of just how far apart the two groups are as the hard work of negotiation gets underway.

Our morning hockey notes include more on the players' side of the negotiations, along with an update on Blake Geoffrion's fortunes in Montreal...

Nashville Predators News

Former Nashville Predator Blake Geoffrion builds future in Montreal | The Tennessean
Boomer knows that the pressure is on to become a full-time NHL player this season.

Gut Rumblings, A special Message about UAH Hockey
The University of Alabama hockey team is once again putting out the call for help, asking for donations to put together welcome packages for the incoming freshman.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL: Players' union expected to be aggressive in negotiations - Montreal Gazette
We're all waiting to see how the players respond.

On Sports Media, Generalizations, and Benefit of the Doubt. - Music City Miracles
Not particularly hockey-related, but a nice observation of how certain elements of sports media go off the rails with regularity.

Caps Convention canceled because of CBA uncertainty - Capitals Insider - The Washington Post
Since this is usually scheduled close to the start of the regular season, the Capitals are calling this off.

Springing Malik: The Pain Game 2011/12 - an attempt to use GVT
An alternative approach to this unique injury analysis, now applying GVT.

Tour Des Canadiens Condominiums
Now this is an interesting idea... a condominium complex built alongside the Bell Centre in Montreal.