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Still Watching & Waiting: Monday's notes

Nashville Predators haven't got much to do these days but wait and see whether Ryan Suter accepts the team's contract offer, or take his talents to South Detroit, South Philly, or wherever else that might be.

Not much to do, other than tune in to 102.5 The Game this afternoon - I'm joining Willy Daunic from 5:00-6:00, taking calls on the Preds and the free agent market so far. What do you think of Tootoo heading to Detroit? Do you like the guys the team has brought back already? What should they do if Suter walks? Call in (737-1025) and spark the discussion.

After, of course, reading your daily hockey notes...

Nashville Predators News

Paul McCann - Day Two - On the #SuterWatch
I hope Paul doesn't concuss himself, after smacking his head over all these contracts getting signed.

Thoughts on #Sutergate and other Sundry Ramblings | The Predatorial
Among other items, James shares a few trade targets to potentially replace Sutes.

A Nashville Predators Fee Agency Sonnet - Predlines
Link waxes poetic during these dramatic times.

Scott Ford Signs With St. Louis | Admirals Roundtable
The Admirals will need a new captain this fall.

Return of Chris Mason pleases Predators goaltending coach Mitch Korn - Nashville Predators Examiner
It sounds like Mase is the marryin' kind.

Nashville Predators majority owner gifts $2.9 million to Duluth Heritage Sports Center |
Kudos to Herb Fritch.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

As Parise and Suter wait, the NHL's payroll chasm widens - NHL - Sporting News
A natural followup to the "OMG this spending is crazy" reaction is to call for greater revenue sharing between teams.

2012 NHL Free Agency: A Few Thoughts On Martin Brodeur's Return - In Lou We Trust
The Marty Party in New Jersey won't stop after all.

Lay Of The Land | BlueJackets Xtra
Can you imagine the reaction in Columbus if they traded Rick Nash to Detroit? Whoa, boy.

Gary Bettman dials back the suspension Brendan Shanahan gave Raffi Torres | Backhand Shelf
The commish tosses Torres a bone.