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Waiting on the Weber decision: Friday's notes

Nashville Predators fans can now only watch and wait to see what happens on the Shea Weber front. The facts are all out there, and now it's time for deliberations behind the closed doors of 501 Broadway. If you spot white smoke coming out of the top of Bridgestone Arena, maybe that will be our signal when a decision has been reached.

Until then, follow after the jump for your morning hockey notes, which of course have more on this situation...

Nashville Predators News

In addition to these stories, surf through the "More Predators Sites" box on the main page, everybody has something to offer on the Weber situation, of course.

A World Without Weber - Predlines
Link ponders bigger changes if the captain leaves town.

Weber offer sheet: circumvention of the CBA? _/ . MCSORLEY'S STICK
What do you think about the contract Philly has proposed?

Does the Predators Golden Age Grow Dark So Soon? - Predneck Nation
I'd hope the Golden Age is still ahead of this team, and not already behind it.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Callahan: Snider all about winning now | The News Journal |
Simply put, the Flyers mean business. Found via Kukla's Korner.

Shea Weber's offer-sheet with the Philadelphia Flyers feels awfully familiar - Raw Charge
John recalls a time when the Flyers came after a young Tampa Bay star with an offer sheet...

From the archives: Interview with Bobby Clarke | Illegal Curve Hockey
Terrific insight here from the former Philadelphia GM on the practice of extending offer sheets.

Spector on Predators: Compete or die -
Dramatic stuff here, but I hope it's printed and posted on the walls inside the offices at Bridgestone Arena.

How long will Shea Weber play? - Broad Street Hockey
Is it reasonable to expect the captain to play at an elite level well into his late 30's?

An Open Letter to the Niagara Falls Reporter - Pension Plan Puppets
Holy cow, what a troglodyte this guy is, linking the "You Can Play" initiative with the anti-fighting movement in hockey.

Stolen ‘Slapshot’-inspired sheep recovered after thief posts photo on Instagram | Puck Daddy
Well, here's something you don't see every day.