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Report: Predators and Flyers haven't discussed a trade for Shea Weber

We're really running out of Shea Weber pictures to use at this point.
We're really running out of Shea Weber pictures to use at this point.

The Shea Weber saga took another interesting turn today, as we have a report out of Philadelphia that the Predators and Flyers haven't had any trade talks since Weber signed the massive offersheet.

Sam Carchidi of has the news:

Two sources with knowledge of the situation confirmed that the Flyers and Nashville Predators have NOT had any trade talks since star defenseman Shea Weber signed a 14-year, $110 million offer sheet last Wednesday.

That would seem to suggest that Nashville plans to match the Flyers' offer. Either that, or the Predators are delaying trade talks because they are trying to get the Flyers to call with a sweet proposal.

This seems to go against everything we've thought about the situation since last Wednesday night. The decision seemed to be pretty cut and dry for Poile: match or trade. Simply letting Weber walk for just the picks would put the Predators in very real danger of missing the cap floor.

So if the team wasn't going to match, a trade seems like the next likely option, right? Maybe not.

Does this mean the Predators are going to match? Or is David Poile playing a high-stakes game of chicken with Paul Holmgren and hoping that the Rick Nash trade to New York puts more pressure on the Flyers to sweeten the deal?

A decision must be made by 10:30 CT Wednesday night. The clock continues to tick...