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4 reasons why the Nashville Predators can afford Shea Weber's contract

Our latest OTF video covers some ground which I'm sure you guys are all aware of, but feel free to share this with those critics in more traditional hockey cities who can't get over the notion of a small-market NHL team paying max money to one player over the next few seasons...


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Since it's hard to include all the specific details in video form, here are some supplemental details:

  1. Youth - while Weber will make $14 million in the 2012-2013 season, a total of 11 other roster players will make just a hair more than that, including many who play major roles such as Patric Hornqvist, Sergei Kostitsyn, Colin Wilson, and Roman Josi. (source: NHL Numbers)
  2. Cheaper veterans - Martin Erat, David Legwand, and Mike Fisher will make a combined $2 million less next season than last.
  3. The business success of the team has been best displayed through a rise in paid attendance and media ratings.
  4. Nashville be boomin', yo.
And by the way, just how awesome is Centennial Park?