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Alexander Semin's style & substance polarizes critics: Saturday's notes

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A good Canadian boy would've gone 5-hole.
A good Canadian boy would've gone 5-hole.

Settling in for a nice long weekend of watching the Olympics, are we? Well, that's no excuse for not keeping up with your hockey reading!

Our around-the-league notes start off with two interesting pieces about Alexander Semin, who recently signed a one-year, $7 million contract with Carolina. The Hurricanes appear to find great value in the Russian sniper, while his demeanor and playing style cause some commentators to label him as a "coach killer"...

Nashville Predators News

The Hippodrome: Shea You, Shea Me. Shea It For Always. That's The Way It Should Be. | Pith in the Wind
J.R.'s weekly review is made all the more entertaining by a Charles Nelson Reilly appearance.

Smashville 24/7 - Smashville On The Glass podcast – Preds CEO Jeff Cogen featured
Ryan chats up the Preds' chief salesman.

Smashville 24/7 - Weber willing to take on role of ‘recruiter’
Anything to lure the college football fans, eh?

Calling for Back-up: The Predators Defensive Concerns | The Predatorial
Another vote is tallied for Carlo Colaiacovo. Just watch, now that I've had enough practice that I can spell his name correctly on the first try, he'll sign somewhere else.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Jim Rutherford "Analytics Show Semin A Different Player Than What Critics Think" - Canes Country
I would be very interested to see an analysis of exactly how persistent this notion of measuring performance in "pressure situations" is.

Holding Nash to the same standard as Semin | Backhand Shelf
I love this article, I really do. Good Canadian boys like Rick Nash are praised by all parties, while Alexander Semin catches every cheap shot in the book from TV analysts. But who has actually done more to help their team in recent years?

Down Goes Brown: Great Obscure Moments in Leafs History - That time Pat Quinn screwed up the lineup card during a playoff game
Just when you thought one of the funniest moments in NHL history couldn't be made any funnier...

Trending Topics: Let’s make offer sheets a regular thing | Puck Daddy
I'm totally down with this. I want owners & GM's to compete hard just like the players do.

NHL 13′s GM Connected mode to take your dynasty worldwide | Puck Daddy
More sneak previews of what NHL13 will bring to the table.

Apparently Scott Howson’s asking price for Rick Nash came down a touch this summer | Backhand Shelf
To dream... the impossible dream...

Claude Giroux points the finger at Sidney Crosby for causing his wrist injuries | Backhand Shelf
I can't stand hacks to the hands & wrists like that, Steve Sullivan used to drive me nuts the way he'd do that once he lost position defensively.

Ex-Avalanche Steve Moore's lawsuit against Todd Bertuzzi delayed - Denver Post
Will this thing ever get to trial? Yeesh.

Fundraiser for Jack Jablonski brings out NHLers, raises over $120,000 | Puck Daddy
Encouraging stuff for the young paralyzed hockey player.

Sales & Free Shipping get you & your gear ready for Hockey Season | Hockey Gear HQ
Whether you need to replace some equipment, or are interested in hockey training aids, this weekend's a great time to shop online.