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Report says potential Coyotes owner still short on cash: Sunday's notes

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Will the long saga of the Phoenix Coyotes ever come to a satisfying conclusion? Our around-the-league hockey notes begin today with news that Greg Jamison, the man trying to buy the Yotes from the NHL, still doesn't have all the money together to complete the deal.

Who knows, maybe if he's lucky he'll find a coupon in the Sunday paper...

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Nashville Predators News

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Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Jamison $20M short in Coyotes bid, courting investors - Phoenix Business Journal
Maybe he can get Shane Doan to play for an IOU? Seriously, at what point can we say that things are looking grim?

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Adrian Dater was in San Antontio for the memorial service, and appreciates Jessica's life for making giving him a dose of perspective on what it means to work in sports journalism.

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Sales & Free Shipping get you & your gear ready for Hockey Season | Hockey Gear HQ
Whether you need to replace some equipment, or are interested in hockey training aids, this weekend's a great time to shop online.