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Phoenix in the spotlight for another summer: Tuesday's notes

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It's too bad for the Phoenix Coyotes that their ownership story is what has kept them in the NHL spotlight the last few summers. Despite all the off-ice turmoil they've had to endure every since former owner Jerry Mores threw them into his bankruptcy-to-Balsillie scheme, this is a team which has found a way to make the playoffs in three consecutive seasons.

Our around the league hockey notes this morning start off with an encouraging legal step taken in Glendale, and an insightful look at exactly how the Coyotes' management and players have continued to get the job done...

Nashville Predators News

First off, we'll start with confirmation of what had been discussed here a couple days ago:

Recapping the 2012 Central Division Tweet Up… | The Predatorial
Kris reports on a fun and fundraising event in Columbus over the weekend, which is destined for Nashville next summer.

With Weber deal, Predators shift from working-class model to study in capitalism | Nashville City Paper
Both the Weber & Rinne deals are among the priciest in the league at their position, which is new territory for Nashville.

Shane Doan’t: Sykora Should Be Predators Target | The Predatorial
Jeremy sees Sykora as a bargain pickup who could bolster depth on the wing, just as David did last week.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Judge Smacks Down Save Glendale Now, Upholds Sales Tax Increase - Five For Howling
Nice, but it would have helped more for the judge to drop $20 million into Jamison's investment group.

Five possible landing spots if Doan leaves Phoenix -
Round and round he goes, where he stops, nobody knows...

How the Phoenix Coyotes Are Winning an Unfair Game | Overtime
No matter what ends up happening here, the Hockey Operations staff with the Coyotes has done an incredible job over the last few years.

Avs demonstrate their budget-consciousness during the offseason - The Denver Post
Colorado is trying to win on the cheap, too, but hasn't been as successful.

Is revenue sharing the NHL's only answer to avoiding lockout? - The Globe and Mail
The NHL lags far behind other major pro sports in its level of revenue sharing, but it sounds like the onus is on the players to make an argument for more.

Stan Bowman's summer of standing pat and Readers' Mailbag - FOX Chicago News
The natives are restless in Chicago.

History Lessons: We Need a Montage! | Backhand Shelf
Take a trip back in time to 1960's hockey....

How Social Media Reporting Helps Our Executives, and How It Can Help Yours - BuzzMgr
In this guest post, the Director of Digital Media for the Tampa Bay Lightning talks about exactly what outlets like Twitter & Facebook do for the organization.